Parasol Passive Radar – Demand-controlled obstacle lighting - ADLS

A good ADLS system is characterized by three properties: reliability, accuracy, and attractive price conditions.

The Parasol system is exactly what you would expect from an ADLS system. It uses existing radio and television signals, this are available worldwide, it does not need to emit its own radiation and does not require its own frequency allocation.

Another unique selling point: Parasol detects relevant flying objects with pinpoint accuracy and thus ensures that the lights on wind farms are only activated when a flying object is actually in the relevant space of the wind farm. Using the signal propagation time calculation and the Doppler effect, it can determine the exact location of a flight object like a 3D radar. External signals from wind turbine blades, flocks of birds or cars are recognized and sorted out so that the lighting of the wind turbines only had to be switched on when required. This results in very short lighting times and a real one improvement for residents close to the wind farm, for the surrounding communities and ultimately for acceptance. In contrast to some other systems, which also activate the lighting when it is not required, the Parasol system is a real ADLS.

In addition, the system is absolute safe, approved under aviation law and can be provided to the facility operator as a complete solution. It can be implemented without risk and with clearly defined financial expenses.